Cheeks – Threading

Cheeks Threading

If you’re finding yourself frustrated by the excess hair on the cheek, take a moment before reaching for the razor or tweezer. The great option to opt for is threading, it can target even the softest hair.

Cheeks hair is very soft but sometimes very visible. Cheeks threading removes the hair on the cheeks by the use of thin cotton or polyester thread removing hair completely from the follicle. It doesn’t make the hair grow back thicker and is a way better option than tweezing.

Threading removes the entire hair follicles without disturbing your skin. It weakens the result when done regularly, lessening future hair growth. Threading opens the pores, giving skin a mini facial in the process, but remember to put aloe vera gel post the treatment. Your therapist rolls a thin cotton thread over the chin area to remove the pesky unwanted hair by the follicle.

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For the first timers, make sure you do not use any skin bleaching product right after threading as it will result in irritation and itching sensation. Heat treatments should also be avoided as it may make the skin dry and cracked.

The general tendency of women is to touch the area but since threading open the pores and the bacteria and on the hands may enter the skin which can cause acne and irritation so avoid touching your skin right after threading. Apply soothing ingredients like aloe vera gel or rose water, it also helps in reducing the redness.

Remember to put powder on your skin before threading process, it absorbs excess oil and reduces irritation that occurs due to friction.

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Stay away from cosmetics right after threading as it may result in adverse effects.

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