Hair Colour

Hair Colour

Being stuck rut in a hair rut is bad but one way to change it is by changing hair colouring. Hair colouring is the process of changing the hair colour. It has been an ancient procedure to cover grey hair but now it has become a trend, an amazing way to change your looks and give you a different look.

One can choose from the following different highlighting techniques:

Balayage, it is a high coloring technique where the stylist colors only the surface of your hair freehand, the result is natural look, sun kissed highlights.

Ombre, it is a hair coloring technique where the root of your gradually fades into a lighter hair color.

Highligts, it is the technique of hair coloring where sections of your hair are dyed lighter than the natural shade.

Roots touch up, is the hair coloring technique of dying the roots of the hair.

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