Herbal Bleach

Herbal Bleach

The herbal beach gives you the solution to the natural fairer skin in just 10 minutes. Herbal bleach is a type of facial treatment which is really recommended for sensitive skin. It blends the facial hair to your skin tone and gives you an instant glow.

It is enriched with extracts of seaweed, tomato, and cucumber that act as vital nutrients for skin and cleanses the skin of all the impurities. It helps maintain an even skin tone and healthy complexion with just a few steps.

Its formula camouflages hair to match the skin color and the vegetable extract give total nutrition to the skin.

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Tips - Facial

If you are bleaching for the first time, ask the beautician to do the patch test and try with mild herbal bleach made for sensitive skin and then progress to stronger ones as your skin gets accustomed to it. Wash your face with cold water before bleach.

Do not use hot/warm water as it opens up the pores and bleach me get into the pores increasing sensitivity. You can also use ice before starting to close the pores and tone the skin. Do not bleach immediately after using peels, scrubs or exfoliators.

Do not apply bleach on the irritated or chapped skin and eye contour area. Do not use anything but water on the bleached area for at least 6-8 hours. Avoid applying makeup immediately after bleaching.

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Do not bleach after waxing or threading.

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