• Anti Aging Facial

    An anti-aging facial is almost like a basic facial but with ingredients targeting on mature skin. The anti-aging facial that promotes new collagen growth leaving skin more hydrated and more radiant.

  • Skin Lightening Facial

    Pigmentation, dark spots and blemishes are normal to appear and the sooner you take action, the easier it is to get rid of it.

  • D tan Facial

    Your skin needs care after spending that weekend on the beach. The only sunscreen may not be able to prevent the tan.

  • Natures Gold Facials

    Gold dust gives your skin a long lasting shining appearance. A moisturizing facial kit which improves the skin texture boosts the skin renewal and hydration

  • Pearl – Facial

    The skin gets affected due to pollution and toxins and taking care of skin is a must take a step to get the perfect skin.

  • Fresh fruits all organic – Facial

    Fresh fruit facial is a very healthy treatment for the skin, free of artificial ingredients, perfumes, and chemicals that can be quite harmful to the skin.

  • Basic Facial

    A well-groomed and pleasant appearance over time relies on one very important thing, the proper care of your face.

  • Clean up Facial

    Cleaning your face with cleansing milk gives you a clean and radiant look, but the effect doesn’t last for long. Clean up is actually suitable for all skin type and all age.

  • Legs Waxing

    With the thoughts of summers, the shorts, the bikinis and pina coladas, one also thinks of the best way to get their hair removed and waxing is the best option available

  • Front and Back Waxing

    Your hair growth should never stop you from wearing those beautiful backless dresses. Front and back waxing removes the unwanted hair from the area giving you a radiant and smooth look.

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