Nothing looks better than clean well-maintained nails and freshly painted toenailsPedicure is a beauty treatment for the toenails and feet. It removes dead skin, improves blood circulation and keeps your toenails healthy and strong. We are dedicated to providing you with the most natural and sanitary nail care available. All of our implements are sterlized using hospital grade procedures to ensure your health and safety.

People often don’t pay too much attention on their feet but while wearing the heels, it never goes unnoticed. Pedicure treatment will shape and clean your nails to prevent ingrown nails. A regular pedicure will promote healthy and beautiful feet.

Upgrade your Classic Mani and Pedi with a hydrating mask:

Sterlizing the tools and materials.
Applying high-quality cosmetic materials
Using single-use handgloves and finger separatos
Kepping the tack of schedule
Maintaing accurate records
Offering extra comfor for customers.

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