Upper Lips – Waxing

Upper Lips - Waxing

The wax strip do a great job to remove the unwanted upper lip hair. Upper lips waxing is the technique of using wax to remove the unwanted hair from the upper lips area leaving it smooth and radiant. It saves time and removes the hair perfectly. The upper lip hair is usually due to hormonal change and it’s very common to have it.

The normal time between every session is about three to four weeks. If you are on any skin condition medication, consult a doctor beforehand. After waxing is done use a moisturizer or aloe vera gel to soothe the skin.

Waxing can easily open up skin pores and leave the gates open for dirt and bacteria. You should exfoliate and wash your upper lips so that your pores are protected from contamination. Also, make sure the beautician rubs your upper lips with plenty of baby powder, which absorbs excess oil and reduces irritation that occurs due to friction.

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For all the first timers, never get a wax done the same day as the event, the skin around your brows will become red and might last for a bit. The upper lip hair needs to be a little long to get it waxed. It is going to hurt a little.

You can use ice or numbing creams to numb the area to decrease the pain. Post-waxing care is vital, it is really important to cleanse the area and put a lotion or aloe vera gel to soothe the skin and reduce the redness. Wait for a few hours before applying your regular makeup as it could cause breakouts.  

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Do not use any bleaching product right after waxing.

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