VLCC Fruit Facial

VLCC Fruit Facial

Fresh fruit facial is a very healthy treatment for the skin, free of artificial ingredients, perfumes, and chemicals that can be quite harmful to the skin. Treating your facial skin with fresh fruits extracts can improve its health and appearances significantly. You can choose a fruit that suits your skin and type of skin issue.

Fresh papaya pack works wonders on tanned skin. Cucumber masks are perfect to calm the sunburn effects. Honey and banana mask is a great hydrant to brighten your skin. Kiwi and avocados mask fights damage done b the environment. Tomatoes facial cleanses and exfoliates, removing dead skin. 

Fruit masks are perfect for both face and body and have no side effects. Fruits provide skin with tremendous hydration, giving it a fresh look. It improves blood circulation, increases cell production. It moisturises your skin leaving your skin fresh. It gives your skin vital skin nutrients.

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Tips - Facial

For first timers, do not scrub or exfoliate your skin for next 2-3 days as it has undergone intense scrubbing routine. Do not apply any chemical enriched cream right after facial treatment.

Also, avoid using makeup immediately after the facial. For best result, drink plenty of water post facial.

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Do  not play with your skin, your hands contain bacteria which may contaminate the skin.

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