White Clay Facial

White Clay - Facial

Clay is one of the most common ingredients in natural skin care. White clay facial works for all the skin concerns which means you can reap the benefits no matter your age or skin type.

White clay is a soft and light powder with naturally absorbent properties. It is gentle and smooth on the skin. White clay works as a very mild exfoliator, gently removing dead and dry skin cells, giving you a glowing skin and reducing the size of the pores. It works as a perfect pre-makeup mask. It detoxifies the skin, brightens the complexion and draws all the impurities. The mask purifies, vitalizes and boosts the cell renewal.

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Tips - Facial

For first time users, do not scrub or exfoliate your skin for next 2-3 days as it has undergone intense scrubbing routine. Do not apply any chemical enriched cream right after facial treatment. For best result, drink plenty of water post facial.

Do not go for threading or waxing after the facial. Do not play with your skin, your hands contain bacteria which may contaminate the skin.

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