Back Polish with Bleach

Back Polish with Bleach

Using bleaching process to lighten the body hair makes the hair appear less noticeable; the bleach works to take the pigment out if the hair. People with thin hair growth on their back or who want to escape the pain of waxing can go for bleaching process.

It is a time effective method and is a perfect way to lighten your skin tone. It moisturizes the skin, lightens the skin tone, removes dead skin, reduces tanning and is a very affordable option to go for.

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Bleaching Tips

Avoid using the bleach on the same day as your event, as it may cause minor redness. If you are bleaching for the first time, ask the beautician to do the patch test and try with mild herbal bleach made for sensitive skin and then progress to stronger ones as your skin gets accustomed to it. Wash the area with cold water before bleach.

Do not use hot/warm water as it opens up the pores and bleach me get into the pores increasing sensitivity. You can also use ice before starting to close the pores and tone the skin. Do not bleach immediately after using peels, scrubs or exfoliators. Do not apply bleach on the irritated or chapped skin. Do not use anything but water on the bleached area for at least 6-8 hours.

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Do not bleach after waxing.

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