Chin – Threading

Chin Threading

Facial hair is most common on the upper lip and chin area. Chin threading is a technique where a thin cotton or polyester thread is doubled and rolled over the area of unwanted hair, plucking the hair and giving you a smooth hair free skin.

Threading is a very old method of getting rid of chin hair. It removes the chin hair easily by damaging the hair follicles and limiting the re-growth of the hair.

When you are younger, chin hair can grow as a result of a hormonal imbalance but when you are older, it’s due to lack of estrogen. A beautician removes all your unwanted hair from the chin region by looping it in the thread and plucking it out. This leaves your skin with an ultra smooth finish making your skin feel like a baby’s skin.

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It’s not entirely painless but it shouldn’t be agonizing either. Hydration is the key to make your skin less sensitive before going for chin threading. Before you start with the treatment, it is advisable to wash your chin with cold water.

This will numb your skin and will make everything a little less painful. Putting baby powder before starting the process absorbs excess oil and reduces irritation that occurs due to friction.

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Apply aloe vera gel after the threading to maintain the cool and reduce the redness.

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