Chin – Waxing

Chin Waxing

Women hate sprouting random chin hair. Chin waxing is the technique of using wax to remove unwanted hair from the chin area making your skin smooth and brighter. It is comparatively less painful and time effective. It’s way better than shaving and the hair doesn’t grow back thicker and tweezers are way more painful.

Facial hair is most common on the upper lip and chin area. Waxing is a very old method of getting rid of chin hair. It removes the chin hair easily by damaging the hair follicles and limiting the re-growth of the hair.

When you are younger, chin hair can grow as a result of a hormonal imbalance but when you are older, it’s due to lack of estrogen. A beautician removes all your unwanted hair from the chin region by apply wax on the area and plucking it out. This leaves your skin with an ultra smooth finish making your skin feel like a baby’s skin.

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For all the first timers, never get a wax done the same day as the event, the skin around your brows will become red and might last for a bit. The upper lip hair needs to be a little long to get it waxed. It is going to hurt a little. You can use ice or numbing creams to numb the area to decrease the pain.

Post-waxing care is vital, it is really important to cleanse the area and put a lotion or aloe vera gel to soothe the skin and reduce the redness.

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Wait for a few hours before applying your regular makeup as it could cause breakouts.

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