Eyebrow – Waxing

Eyebrows Waxing

Let’s face the truth, nobody like a bushier eyebrow. Achieving the perfect brow shape is an achievement. Eyebrow waxing is the process of removing excess hair from the eyebrows using the wax. It is simple and effective. If your eyebrows are too bushy, it’s best to go for Eyebrow Waxing. It is painless and less time-consuming. The hair between your eyebrow is the best area to bring the wax in, as nobody ever said, I like monobrows.

Perfect eyebrows is the ‘it’ factor these days but that doesn’t mean you should stop grooming it. It’s advisable to wait for about four weeks in between eyebrow waxing. If you want to change your brows shape, then you should wait for 6-8 weeks. If you are on any skin condition medication, consult a doctor beforehand. After waxing is done use a moisturizer or aloe vera gel to soothe the skin.

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For all the first timers, never get a wax done the same day as the event, the skin around your brows will become red and might last for a bit. You will also need to trim your eyebrows for extra long hair. The eyebrow hair needs to be little long to get it waxed. It is going to hurt a little. You can use ice or numbing creams to numb the area to decrease the pain.

Post-waxing care is vital, it is really important to cleanse the area and put a lotion or aloe vera gel to soothe the skin and reduce the redness. Wait for a few hours before applying your regular makeup as it could cause breakouts.

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Do not use any bleaching product right after waxing.

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