Skin Lightening Facial

Skin Lightening - Facial

Pigmentation, dark spots and blemishes are normal to appear and the sooner you take action, the easier it is to get rid of it. Skin lightening facial reduce pigmentation, dark spot and removes dead skin. The result is fairer skin, free of tan. Skin lightening packs fade the blemishes and restore your skin to its natural tone. It helps to improve the tone, texture and general appearance on a cellular level.

Melanin is the main molecules in the epidermis layer of our skin that determines it’s color. Melanin is also used to absorb heat to help us keep warm and when melanin receives too much sunlight this cause the skin to change color. The skin lightening facia helps in the production of melanin to prevent skin from further damage and repair and lighten any existing sun damage and pigmentation.

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For first time users, do not scrub or exfoliate your skin for next 2-3 days as it has undergone intense scrubbing routine. Do not apply any chemical enriched cream right after facial treatment.

Also, avoid using makeup immediately after the facial. For best result, drink plenty of water post facial. Do not go for threading or waxing after the facial.

Do not play with your skin, your hands contain bacteria which may contaminate the skin.

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