Upper Lips – Threading

Upper Lips Threading

Having hair on your upper lip region can be a major taboo for women. Upper lips threading is a technique of removing unwanted hair from your upper lip area by your aesthetician or beautician with the help of a cotton thread. It is quick and easy and it only takes 2 mins so it can also be your lunch break appointment so you before the grand event

If you have had your eyebrows threaded then it’s the similar kind of the pain to expect. Out of all the methods of hair removal from your upper lips, threading gives the best result for the time and cost involved. While waxing is efficient for large sections of skin like the hands and legs, threading is better for small areas like the upper lip. Threading is ideal for all skin types because of the pressure of it can be adjusted accordingly. However, if not done gently it can cause bruises and boils. A little redness is common after the procedure.

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Threading can easily open up skin pores and leave the gates open for dirt and bacteria. You should exfoliate and wash your upper lips so that your pores are protected from contamination. Also, make sure the beautician rubs your upper lips with plenty of baby powder, which absorbs excess oil and reduces irritation that occurs due to friction.

For the first timers, do not apply any strong cosmetic product or creams right after threading. Try keeping your hands away from the face, the general tendency of women is to touch their skin right after threading because it calms the irritation but our fingers have bacteria on them that can clog your pores and cause rashes and irritation.

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Use aloe vera, rose water or ice cubes to calm irritation. Never bleach or go for a facial/heat treatment post threading as the skin is very sensitive right after threading.

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