Pearl – Facial

Pearl - Facial

The skin gets affected due to pollution and toxins and taking care of skin is a must take a step to get the perfect skin. Pearl facial is suitable for all skin time, from sensitive skin to oily skin. Pearl facial works wonder for brightening the skin by removing tan, it nourishes the skin and keeps wrinkles at bay. It includes gel mask and cream which contain 30 percent of pearl powder in it.

Pearl facial works wonder on the sun-damaged and tanned skin. It prevents wrinkles and tan lines and is excellent for people who have dark circles and dry skin near the eyes. It prevents pores clogging. It makes your skin glow and retain a pink tone. The massage aids in blood circulation and relaxes facial muscles which helps in reducing puffiness, sagging and increases skin renewal process. Steaming opens the skin pores and let your skin breathe.

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Tips - Facial

A few things to remember while getting a facial, make sure you do not use a cleanser with fruit extract as pearl powder may tend to react with it .Do not scrub or exfoliate your skin for next 2-3 days as it has undergone intense scrubbing routine.

Do not apply any chemical enriched cream right after facial treatment. Also, avoid using makeup immediately after the facial. For best result, drink plenty of water post facial. Do not go for threading or waxing after the facial.

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Do not play with your skin, your hands contain bacteria which may contaminate the skin.

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