• Henna Hair

    Everyone wants long hair and good growth. Henna is one of the best way to healthy hair and it’s completely chemical free.

  • Full Body Polish with Bleach

    Full body polishing with bleach is the process of polishing face, hands, legs, front and back using bleaching cream to rejuvenate your skin.

  • Back Polish with Bleach

    Using bleaching process to lighten the body hair makes the hair appear less noticeable; the bleach works to take the pigment out if the hair.

  • Hands Polish with Bleach

    People with thin hair growth and who wants to escape the pain of waxing can also opt for hand polishing with bleach.

  • Fruit Bleach

    Fruit bleach is a good way to control the excess secretions of oil, it nourishes skin and gives you vivid complexion.

  • Jolen Bleach

    Unlike waxing bleaching, unwanted hair does not involve painful pulling making your face red or leading to stubble growth.

  • Oxy Bleach

    Oxy bleach provides you with fairer and healthier skin, it’s pre-bleach cream forms a protective shield giving you a safe and enhanced bleaching experience.

  • Gold Bleach

    Gold bleach is formulated to give your skin a sparking glow in no time. Gold bleach is a type of facial treatment; it bleaches your facial hair to match your skin tone and helps the skin look fairer and youthful.

  • Herbal Bleach

    The herbal beach gives you the solution to the natural fairer skin in just 10 minutes. Herbal bleach is a type of facial treatment which is really recommended for sensitive skin.

  • Thermo mask

    The thermo herb mask is an ancient treatment and has been used for years. However, with technological improvement, the techniques have changed.

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